Here are some questions
we frequently are asked.
(Updated 9-1-18)

What is Arizona Educators United?
Arizona Educators United is a coalition of teachers, education support professionals, administrators, and those who care about the state of education in Arizona. Our goal is to ensure that students have access to highly qualified and experienced teachers, that educators are compensated fairly, and to improve the educational environment in the state of Arizona.

We also recognize that it isn't only teachers that make a school or a school district operate. Someone has to answer the phones, mop the floors, cook the food, deliver the mail, repair the leaks, keep an eye on security, etc. All of these people are part of the education process, and all teach our students something. We simply refer to all workers employed in the education system as "educators."

What are the values of Arizona Educators United?
A survey was conducted July 16-20, 2018, that assessed the values of AEU members. Here is a narrative from the results of that survey:
"The highest values of AEU are Professionalism and Integrity. This could be attributed to the high standards that are practiced at all times by educators in
 every zip code, job family, content area, and grade level. These should be guiding lights for the movement, serving as gatekeepers for actions and
interactions. Pairing with this is honesty and respectfulness, which could speak to how present the views of AEU and the needs of educators and our
students. Community, solidarity, teamwork, perseverance, and unity are similar enough that they could be grouped together to show the strength and
resolve the AEU has displayed up to this point and the standard we hold each other to. Unique, but very important, is the value of non-partisanship,
which shows that members of the movement are not tied to party or ideology, but are truly allied to the struggle and purpose of the movement: to fight
for all our students until they have the education system they deserve."

Are you linked to any political organizations or parties?
Short answer: no.

Long answer: AEU is a grassroots organization that has interests in common with many upstanding organizations in Arizona and across the nation. Our members are part of many organizations and serve in many capacities. The decisions of AEU are made for the sake of our volunteer members. Where our interests align with other groups, we try to work together. Our structure does not report to other organizations.

What is AEU doing right now?
The AZ Supreme Court decided that it knew better than the voter what we should be allowed to see on the ballot, and ripped Prop 207 out of the ballot. Now, we organize around changing the mentality of our fellow voters to change Arizona in't a pro-education state. This means changing who's in office, changing how we vote on issues, and changing who holds the power away from the corporate-bought lackeys that are in office now and putting in the power back into the hands of the people.

Is AEU satisfied with the results of the 2018 legislative session?
No. While raises of 9% were given to teachers, some problems exist.

While raises and additional assistance were given to all schools in Arizona, the guidelines about how this money should be spent is left to the school boards locally, which shifts the burden from the state to the local. Teacher raises are only given to part of those that actually teach students, and there is no requirement for school districts to spend their additional money on classrooms or support staff. On top of this, the funding comes from services that our students use currently, and the funding for the raises is not guaranteed past three years (or past one year, depending on how you see it). There is no promise for earned raises, or any attempt to return per-pupil funding to the national average. The steps taken in this legislative session leave much to be desired. We will keep fighting for our schools.

Statement from AEU, 6-18-18
The Arizona Educators United #REDforED movement is a nonpartisan, educator-led organization that is dedicated to the furthering of public education funding in the state of Arizona. Our focus is changing how education is funded and supported in this state, regardless of the political party at the helm. Arizona Educators United and #REDforED does not endorse, support, work with or against any candidate for political office. While we do appreciate any support from candidates and voters alike, the use of our logo, name(s), and likenesses on political flyers, posters, and advertising items does NOT imply an endorsement or support from the Arizona Educators United organization or the #REDforED movement.