Here are some questions
we frequently are asked.
(Updated 5-9-18)

What is Arizona Educators United?
Arizona Educators United is a coalition of teachers, education support professionals, administrators, and those who care about the state of education in Arizona. Our goal is to ensure that students have access to highly qualified and experienced teachers, that educators are compensated fairly, and to improve the educational environment in the state of Arizona.

Why not Arizona Teachers United?
We recognize that it isn't only teachers that make a school or a school district operate. Someone has to answer the phones, mop the floors, cook the food, deliver the mail, repair the leaks, keep an eye on security, etc. So many different job families are involved in the day to day operations of our public schools, that we just say "educators." All of these people are part of the education process, and all teach our students something. Our crossing guards teach students about how to be safe around traffic. Our custodian teach our children how to be clean in a public space. Our health assistants teach our children how to be healthy. Our tutors help students learn beyond just the classroom.

Are you linked to any political organizations or parties?
Short answer: no
Long answer: AEU is a grassroots organization that has interests in common with many upstanding organizations in Arizona and across the nation. Our members are part of many organizations and serve in many capacities. The decisions of AEU are made for the sake of our volunteer members. Where our interests align with other groups, we try to work together. Our structure does not report to other organizations.

What are the goals of AEU?
Please see the mission statement and the Demands page.

What is AEU doing right now?
It is May 9th, 2018. We are helping circulate petitions for the #INVESTinED act in order to help our demands be met through ballot initiative.

I'm a teacher/teacher assistant/office manager/custodian/cafeteria worker, etc. What can I do to help?
1. Does your site have a liaison? Go to the Connect Page to join up.
2. Does your site have any actions in the works? Ask your liaison how you can help?
3. Are there events going on in your area? Join your local district AEU facebook page to find out more.

I'm a parent/concerned citizen/community leader. What can I/my organization do to help?
1. Spread the word about this movement. Tell everyone you know.
2. Put a #REDforED sign in your shop window or your car. You can talk to your local school liaison about getting one, or just make one!
3. Reach out to your local school liaison and find out what will need to be done as actions become more aggressive. We will need the community to show
    up for our kids in the event of a school closing.

Is AEU satisfied with the results of the 2018 legislative session?
No. While raises of 9% were given to teachers, some problems exist.
While raises and additional assistance were given to all schools in Arizona, the guidelines about how this money should be spent is left to the school boards locally, which shifts the burden from the state to the local. Teacher raises are only given to part of those that actually teach students, and there is no requirement for school districts to spend their additional money on classrooms or support staff. On top of this, the funding comes from services that our students use currently, and the funding for the raises is not guaranteed past three years (or past one year, depending on how you see it). There is no promise for earned raises, or any attempt to return per-pupil funding to the national average. The steps taken in this legislative session leave much to be desired. We will keep fighting for our schools.